Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater Approx. 300,000 years old - Second Largest in the World - First discovered in an aerial survey in 1947 - Located off the Tanami Track in the Central East of Western Australia near the Northern Territory Border - Panorama Photograph by Allan Weeks.

Photographs - By Allan Weeks

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Vertigo - PX504
A digital composite of three photographs to produce the feeling of vertigo which pilots sometimes experience when they have to look close to the sun. Available Colour Photo & Block Mounted - A4, A3 Only.
 Photographs taken at the Alice Springs Gliding Club
Sturt Desert Pea found in gravel & sandy areas of SA & Central Australia.


Available Colour Photo Block Mounted A4, A3 & 60x89 cm

Droughtmasters - PX503

Cattle at Sides Bore on Manners Creek Station during drought. The photo has been enhanced digitally to accentuate the midday heat and lack of feed. This photograph is suited to canvas and only comes as a canvas print mounted on a stretcher frame.


Size 51 x 72 cm

Currajong Flower - PX501

The Currajong Flower found in the Tropical Coastal areas of NT & WA. Available Colour Photo Block Mounted A4, A3 & 60x89 cm

PSTR 601 - Poster of 47 Desert Flowers of Central Australia.

Price $30.00 ea. Inc. Postage within Australia.

Poster Size  59 x 79 cm.

Poster comes complete with Flower Index Sheet.


PX505 - Ghan Passenger Train pulling up hill out of Alice Springs for Darwin.

Eighteen miles North of Alice Springs  the train crosses the highest point between Adelaide and Darwin at 2400 feet.

Available in Matt or Block Mounted in size A4 & A3

PX506 - River Gum Trees in the Goyder Creek near Finke Central Australia.

Available in Matt or Block Mounted in size A4 & A3.

PX507 - Old Andado Station on the edge of the Simpson Desert during the very wet year in Central Australia of 2011.

There are no rivers or creeks in this area, flood waters just creep along between sand dunes and if there is enough water it makes it into Lake Eyre, if not water just seeps into the desert sand.

Available in Matt or Block Mounted in size A4 &A3.

Photograph Patricia Weeks.



PX508 - Flood Waters on the edge of the Simpson Desert Central Australia during the wet year of 2011.

Available in Matt or Block Mounted in size A4 & A3


PX509 - Aboriginal Corroboree held at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station in September 2009.

The Urapuntja Council  Aboriginal Corporation of Utopia state they have no objection to the display of photographs taken by Allan Weeks of male corroboree dancers with audience participation, as they show multiculturalism at it's best. 

Available in A4 & A3 colour prints. Due to the lighting conditions it is very suitable for printing on canvas if desired - 51 cm short side.


PX510 - Camel Cup held yearly in Alice Springs.

Available in Matt or Block Mounted A4 & A3 size.

Photograph Sarah Southam (nee Weeks)

PX511 - Harts Range Races

Picnic races held yearly with station horses at Harts Range North East of Alice Springs.

Size A4 Only

News Items In and Around Alice Springs - Central Australia

PX513 - Soweto Gospel Choir opened their 2014 Australian Tour at Alice Springs in July.

They are seen performing on stage at the Araluen Theatre - Alice Springs.

PX512 - Asante Sana Choir - the Alice Springs Choir which sings African Songs is seen on stage at the Araluen Theatre as the support choir for the Soweto Gospel Choir's 2014 tour.

PX514 - Soweto Gospel Choir take the day off and sing in the Lutheran Church at Hermansburg at a special multicultural service with the indigenous community at Hermansburg. 

PX515 - The Hermansburg Lutheran Indigenous Choir singing at the multicultural service held with the Soweto Gospel Choir at Hermansburg July 2014. This choir forms part a 35 strong Indigenous Choir from several communities which toured Germany in May & June of 2015.  

PX521 - Frew River Police Station. The ruins are on the banks of the Frew River at Policeman's Waterhole - Davenport Ranges NP.

The Police Station has the distinction of being the shortest operating Police Station in the NT. Opened 19/12/1918 closed 04/09/1921 It opened after years of fighting between aboriginals and station owners. It ceased operating when stations closed due to drought and mining ceased at Hatches Creek early 1920's. 

PX517 - Policemans Waterhole on the Frew River in the Davenport Ranges.

PX518 - Butterfly Bush Petalostylis labicheoides found in the Davenport Ranges National Park Central Australia.

PX520 - Hakea Flower (Bull Hakea) - Hakea chordophylla found in the Davenport Ranges National Park Central Australia.

PX519 - Policeman's Waterhole on the Frew River taken early morning in the Davenport Ranges National Park.

PX516 - Donkeys at Hatchers Creek in the Davenport Ranges - Central Australia.

Donkeys are in excessive numbers in this area. The National Parks administration would like to see a controlled cull but are unable to do so as the indigenous land owners put a religious connotation on donkeys and will not agree to a cull. 

PX523 - Blue Streak Rocket - Communications Bay where it landed in the North Simpson Desert.

This was part of Rocket testing for ELDO and was fired from Woomera Rocket Range in the early 1970's, photograph taken July 2006. 

PX522 - The Nose Cone of an ELDO rocket (European Launch Development Organisation), launched in the early 1970's.

The fibre glass nose cone was found in the North Simpson Desert and the photograph was taken in July 2008.

PX524 - Inside the Communications Bay of the Blue Streak Rocket. The equipment mounted inside the bay crashed to the ground in a heap when the bay hit the ground dead square leaving it on the outside looking like a farm tank. Again it was found in the North Simpson Desert see (PX523).